Picture this-Friday night-5 o’clock-hottest day

Picture this-Friday night-5 o’clock-hottest day of the summer and realize that the thermostat on the AC isn’t working – placed panic call to Charles at AK Aire for advice – but despite the late hour and traffic he called Alan who insisted on coming to make sure we were cooled off and taken care of Immediately. Alan appeared on his version of a white horse to save the day/night/weekend (and our fried brains) and we could not have been more appreciative/grateful or more in awe of his pleasant, professional, personable and humble act of coming to our rescue after what was no doubt already a long work day for him! In no time, Alan worked his magic, and left smiling claiming once again it was “no problem” and yet surely it was – for him – but – for us a Cool Relief!!!

We use AK Aire services for our AC, Heating, Electric and Generator needs and they have always – ALWAYS been amazing (for our son’s condo water heater emergency too). We totally appreciate their expertise and the sensitivity to our EVERY call – crisis’ as well as the proactive Ones.

Thanks again and AGAIN AK Aire and All the cavalry there that contiously come to eliminate our home maintenance dramas!!!

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